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About Zibo Shiyan High School International Department 关于淄博实验中学国际部

Zibo Shiyan High School International Department offers a Personalized Education for its Students



What does the future hold for students from Zibo?


The future of Zibo is dependent on quality education and the development of effective community and business relationships. If Zibo is to compete with other large cities and the super cities of China, it needs to take the words of development from the government and put them into action. The future of Zibo is reliant on its sons and daughters to be educated in a variety of competencies that build skills to: navigate global trade with strong leadership, encourage creativity and innovation and allow fluency in a digital world.


At Zibo Shiyan High School International Department we plan to meet this challenge and provide excellence in international education for our Zibo families and the future leaders of industry. We believe in developing well rounded useful citizens who will become valuable members of society.

在淄博实验中学国际部,我们做好了计划,迎接这一挑战,为淄博家庭和未来行业领导者提供卓越的国际教育。 我们坚信要培养全面发展的有用之才,他们将成为对社会有价值的人。

Our vision is to be a school community that fosters life-long learning in a global context by inspiring students to be open-minded and responsible human beings.”


To do this, we need to address the traditional mindset for what education looks like in Zibo. Our educational offering is set on our four core values: 21st Century Education, Leadership, Service and Cultural Preservation.


With long term strategic planning in place, our school seeks to match parent’s high expectations in education for their child to be diligent, hardworking and show respect for teachers and their community. We combine these with an upgrade in pedagogic practices in the classroom using a Western – Chinese contextualized approach, and increase the use of hardware and software tools for learning and we actively encourage independent work ethics in every student.


Once our students have gained a rewarding and successful educational experience and have attained their international qualifications, they will graduate high school and be directed towards one of the top fifty Universities in the World.



Question: What is the motivation to change the style of education?


With the world of employment changing rapidly due to the emergence of intelligent technology, our aim is to supply our students with the right combination of 21st Century academic knowledge, language skills and digital fluency required to succeed in their futures. The old ways of learning are fast becoming obsolete as the youth of today use different mediums to access information. Lecture style learning still has a place in the school day, but this is greatly diminished in favour of building collaborative learning opportunities and sharing information orally and through a digital platform. These skills mirror the modern work environment and we want to fully prepare our students for the future work place.



Question: What is a Personalized Learning Plan?


At Zibo Shiyang High School Internatinal Department, we pride ourselves on our personal care and attention given to our students and families. By establishing strong school-home relationships and communications, all stakeholders can agree to the right destination for each student and build the best academic plan to get them there. We work backwards in designing a student’s personal plan with the end goal being the number one target. This means selecting career options first, finding the best Universities to support their tertiary education, mapping the subjects a student will need to study at high school and then selecting the right pre-foundational programme in Grade 9 and 10 that launches them on their future career path. This ensures that subjects chosen at Grade 9-12 are relevant to the plan and support the strongest application for the University entrance requirement and skill set.  This individual plan allows each student to be academically and socially monitored and guided effectively during their high school experience while meeting their numerous pathway milestones successfully along the way.

在淄博实验中学国际部,我们非常自豪,能够为学生和家庭提供个性化的关心和指导。通过建立强大的家校协作并保持沟通,所有利益相关者可以一起为学生规划正确的目标,制定最适合学生的学习计划,助力学生抵达目的地。在为学生制定个性化方案时,我们采用倒推的方法,首先将学生要抵达的最终目标放在第一位,据此倒推制定适合学生的个性化学习方案。也就是说,我们首先帮助学生做出正确的职业选择,然后为学生找到对口的最好的大学,以获得最好的高等教育,帮助学生规划高中阶段的课程,最后,确定9年级和10年级学生需要学习的基础课程,从9年级开始正式启动他们职业生涯路径。通过倒推的方式为学生制定个性化学习方案,能够确保学生9 - 12年级所学科目能够支持自身生涯规划的实现,让学生能够满足大学入学要求,获得相关技能,成为最强的大学录取候选人。个性化学习方案能够确保在高中学习期间,每个学生都能够得到有效的监督和指导,获得学术知识的积累和社交技能提升,同时,按计划顺利完成生涯规划路线上的一个个里程碑。


Question: How does it work?


Upon entry to the International Department, each student and parent is interviewed by the Academic Coordinators and the Career Counseling team. Parents and students communicate their expectations and goals for a successful journey towards a chosen career and university abroad. Based on these discussions, a personalized learning plan is constructed to take advantage of the student’s strengths. The plan will also identify areas for added support with regular plan updates that reflect the students’ progress and attainment. Their academic achievement is measured against established subject targets and prerequisite knowledge before they can advance into Grade 11 and 12 programmes.



Question:  What are your target Universities?


We target the best Universities in the world. We also target the best Universities that fit each student expectations and abilities. This is to ensure the best match and fit for a student where they will be able to attain the necessary undergraduate qualifications and advance them into their selected career field. Our Career Counselling Team monitor the geopolitical world to advise our families on current trends, costs and to confirm their final country and universities choices before submitting multiple applications. Our staff are very confident that the International Department can get every student into a top quality Foreign University because of the four-year commitment we make to each student.



Question: Where does our staff come from?


Our staff come from as far away as New Zealand and South Africa. We have staff from Europe, the Americas and the Asian region. Most of our staff are English speaking as many of our Chinese staff were educated in western Universities and are bilingual. The diversity of our staff nationalities is a huge advantage to the culture of the school. We call ourselves an international department not only because of the curriculum, but also because of the staff and the global mindset we possess. This is where the heart of the school lies, a Sino-Foreign education where Chinese culture and western educational methodologies mix successfully and produce the highest quality education available in Zibo.



Question: Why do you take Grade 9 early into the International Department?


The Personalized Learning Plan to be truly successful, requires that we have our students join us as early as possible. The pre-foundational programme - The International Certificate of Subject Education or IGCSE’s, are an international bench mark for quality education. This is a two year programme that we will complete in 3 school semesters. International examinations are conducted at the end of Grade 10. Student must join the programme in Grade 9 to be able to meet the course requirements and develop their English prior to the examination period.


Our Grade 9’s will begin their IGCSE’s with 5 extended subjects and 3 optional subjects. These are the foundational subject that lead to Grade 11 and 12 programmes. Base knowledge in these subjects is required in order to access the higher- level study. Students cannot select an IB or AP curriculum without successfully completing the Grade 9 and 10 programme and attaining good examination results.


Question: What students will enroll into the International Department for Grade 9 early entry?


We invite any Grade 9 student to apply. The demand for places at the International Department is expected to be very competitive so we are looking to find the student who is highly motivated, has a positive attitude and is academically strong and hard working. We want to help families to realize their dreams and support their child on their academic and life journey.  Our commitment is for 4 years and this means we also want to work with the right student and family that can support a joint effort towards a shared goal.



Question: Why did we choose to offer the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme for our students?


The IB Diploma is a globally recognized qualification that is 50 years old. It provides student access to the widest range Global Universities in the world including Harvard, Princeton and The London College of Education. The IB Diploma offers entry to more than 2000 Universities worldwide.  


Zibo Shiyan High School International Department will be the first IB school in the city and we in the process of preparing to deliver our first course in 2020. The IBDP is a research-based curriculum authorized that encourages students to think critically. Through heightened awareness of their own cultural and national identities, students develop open-mindedness and respect for individuals and the world at large.


The IBDP subjects are based on specific subject material, Community Action Service and Theory of Knowledge during a full 2-year course. They are international in nature so as not to bias students from non-English speaking countries. Diploma students must study 3 subjects at Higher Level (HL) and 3 subjects at Standard Level (SL) continuously over the two years of the IB Diploma programme. Subjects must be chosen from each of the 6 groups. In addition, students, must complete CAS (Community Action Service) and TOK (Theory of Knowledge) internal assessment and external examinations for University/College placement.


The strength of the programme lies in its breadth of its information and relevance to the changing world. Students learn communication skills and self-reliance in addition to the higher-level study in subjects of choice.  Research and analysis of IB graduates indicate that they are more likely to succeed at University level and in their chosen career pathway. Information on the programme can be found on the website www.ibo.org



Question: Do you have another career pathway option for students in Grade 11 and 12?


We pride ourselves on providing multiple pathways to success: The alternative pathway for a student who is focused on the North American and Canada University market, is to complete the Advanced Placement (AP) course work and examinations. Currently the AP is accepted by most of the Universities in America and Canada and some other Universities worldwide.


The AP is a US based curriculum accredited by The College Board. It a curriculum of high-level specialist subject with an examination for entry to US Universities/Colleges. Credits earned from completion of the coursework and examination results will be accepted as part of full application form. Students are guided towards gaining a high-Grade Point Average (GPA) with a supporting high score in ACT, TOEFL OR ILTS.


Once again, based on each student’s Personalized Learning Plan, the Grade 11 and 12 curriculum choices are decided early in Grade 9 so students can be focused on specific subject mastery and skill development through theory and experiential learning. More information on the programme can be found on the website www.collegeboard.org



Question: What subjects do you offer from Grade 9 to 12?


We offer a bilingual education and a wide range of traditional subjects and more advanced subject areas. Basic subjects such as Chinese, English, Mathematics, ICT and P.E are common across all grade levels. Specialist subjects include: Chemistry, Physics, Biology, Business Studies, Economics, Art & Design, Calculus, Macro and Micro Economics, Physics mechanical, US History and US Government provide a wide range of choice for our students. We also include extra-curricular electives that students can select for more experiential based learning such as Community Service, Work experience, Technology and Robotics, Language development to name but a few.



Question: What careers do your curriculum choices support?


Based on the wide range of University choices and the feedback from current and past students, the careers that our International curriculums support allow students to move towards such occupations as: International Business, Public Administration, Computer Science and Technology, Finance, Education, Management Consultancy, Law and Operations Management. There are many more careers our students can pursue but these are just some of the examples.



Question: What does success look like for the International School?


Success in education is constantly changing based research, political agendas, the name of a school or simply on each person’s perception on what good teaching and learning looks like. What is common is that different generations and cultures will have different expectations on how a teacher should teach and how a student should learn. In our school, we apply modern approaches that benefit the student and allow them to learn and develop their individual knowledge, talents and skills in preparation for life. Success can be defined in many ways, but we measure it here by the level of satisfaction from our students and families, the teacher’s passion for their subjects, the achievement of individual or collective teams targets and whether or not our students are ready to move overseas into a foreign lifestyle and survive in a second language. Others may measure success by the growing demand for the bilingual education we provide or the personalized care we offer our students. The ability to attain excellent academic results or the number of our graduates who enter top Universities might feature in a list of measured success. These however are just moving parts of a larger machinery that creates success at every stage of the educational journey from Grade 9 into a career.